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Dr John Lim Maths Tutoring Centre

33 Petalnina Drive, Wantirna, VIC


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Dr John Lim Maths Tutoring

Excellent Maths Tutor!

All levels, including VCE/IB, Entrance Exam/Scholarship Tests and Uni/TAFE mathematics.

More than 10 years of tutoring experience. Holding PhD and MS degrees from Stanford University, USA.

VCE/IB: Foundation Maths, Math Methods, Further Maths, Specialist Maths, Maths SL, Maths HL.

Uni/TAFE: Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics.

From $30/week, depending on level.

Please contact Dr John Lim at 0430 889 905 for details.


More than 10 years of tutoring experience.

Reviews/comments from parents & students :

"Dr Lim is a great teacher! He understands your strengths and weaknesses through every unit of mathematics. I've been attending his classes for less than a year, and I feel that my maths has improved ever since. At school, I have gained a huge amount of confidence when sitting tests and he prepares you extremely well in order for you to perform your best, by strong encouragement and support. He's always willing to help if you have any questions, and he explains them clearly and thoroughly. Before I came to Dr Lim, my maths was only average, but it was thanks to him that I went from a couple of As and occasionally some Bs to straight A+. Dr Lim has taught me so many beneficial skills in a variety of areas and I highly recommend him to anyone who is having any difficulties in the subject." Martina T. at

"I would highly recommend John Lim as a Maths Tutor. He is very knowledgeable and at the same time caring and very interested in his students. My son has been seeing John Lim for about 2 months and his marks have gone from a D to a B in Maths Methods. He has managed to restore my son's confidence and interest in maths. John knows maths inside out and knows that most problems have more than one method for reaching an answer. He is able to explain a concept in various ways until it is understood. He makes sense and makes the lessons fun. I have nothing but high praise for him and would not hesitate to recommend him as a tutor." VermontSth at

"Dear John, I am so grateful for your continuous patience and skills in motivating my daughter in pursuing her Maths. Since starting her Maths tuition with you for just over 2 months, I can see that my daughter has gained so much confidence, ease and motivation in doing Maths and now her school teacher has recommended that she should aim for higher Maths in Year 12. All credit and efforts goes to Dr John Lim. Many thanks." smhb at

"I found Dr John Lim 3 months ago via Google for my year 12 son as his maths tutor. I've engaged a few private maths tutors for him since year 9 but his maths was always below average. Every tutor told me that he has potential but none of them could make him understand and not to mention about passing the subject.
He started with Dr Lim just 3 months and now he has so much interest and doing so well that even his school maths teacher told me he couldn't believe it.
A big thank you to Dr John Lim. Without his amazing help, my son would definitely going to fail his maths." Maggie at

"My son has been tutored by Dr John Lim over the past months and I have seen him taking Maths to a new and more confidence and eager spirit. The same with his constant tuition, he has been granted a scholarship from one of the leading private schools in the state." Dzung at

"Thank you for giving me confidence in Maths. Thank you uncle John for your patience and skills in teaching me. Thank you very much and I will strongly recommend you to anyone who look for an expert and patient Maths tutor." Hannah at

"Dr John Lim is a very positive and encouraging tutor. My daughter found him to be very good and was happy attending his classes. With his help, she managed to do very well in her IB Maths final exam. We would highly recommend him to any student." Kee at

"I wanted to cover the VCE Methods during summer break, so that when school starts I would be a little more prepared. Dr John has great, succinct explanations and makes the content interesting. He knows the course inside out, and has given me many techniques on tackling questions and exams for VCE maths, even before my year 12 has started." Elysia at

"In just 3 months, my son changed from hated maths to the core to loving it so much and doing so well! Thank you once again, Dr John Lim!" Maglua at

"Dr John Lim prepared my girl well for the Macrobertson's selective entry test and even got her into its accelerated maths program. Thank you very much. cheers." Jeanph at

"I went to Dr John Lim just before my final IB exams and his lessons helped me immensely with my maths revision. His lessons were both engaging and informative, and he was always ready to answer my many questions. Also, his explanations were always very clear, insightful and never long winded, which was very helpful during the stressful lead up to exams. He is an excellent tutor for anyone struggling in maths as he was very patient and always making it interesting!" Jess at

"brilliant tutor! helped me to achieve great results in my vce maths methods and specialist maths. highly recommend to all who are looking for a tutor who is friendly, funny and more importantly able to help you achieve great results!" joel at

"While we were looking for someone to assist with an intensive one-week math course before taking an entrance exam to JMSS, Dr John Lim was the one who has been able to provide required level of intensity as well as comfort, so, that our son enjoyed working with John Lim. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Dr Lim to anyone looking for math tutor." aep147 at

"Dr John Lim has been fantastic at teaching my daughter mathematics. I noticed a significant change in my daughter's skills with mathematics. His patience, skill and teaching style was just what my daughter needed. His times were flexible which made it easy for us to make it to lessons regularly. My daughter continually wanted to go back for lessons due to his non-judgmental teaching style and his patience. I was very happy my daughter was learning in a positive manner whilst enjoying it. Because we are friends, he recommended my daughter to complete her studies at Mac Robertson Girls School. I thought that the entrance exam would be too tough at the time for my daughter, but after lessons with Dr Lim, our hopes turned to dreams. My daughter is very happy about her acceptance. I would highly recommend Dr Lim to any student interested in building their mathematics skills." Amy at


Holding PhD and MS degrees from Stanford University, USA.

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