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Anna Carrig

Richmond, VIC


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Engage Education seeks to support students achieve their best. Engage Tutoring provides access to a tutor to prepare students to succeed in their studies.

Learn from the highest achieving VCE graduates - many with Perfect Scores and ATARs over 99.00!
Private tutoring working one-on-one in weekly tutoring sessions.
Weekly tutoring to help students score highly in both internal SACs and VCAA exams.
Available in nearly all VCE Year 11 & 12 subjects.
As a not-for-profit organisation, we are able to provide tutoring for just $38 per one hour session.

Students meet with their tutor once a week for one hour. We offer tutoring after school on weekdays and all day Saturday. We recognise that every student is different and an area of study in which some students find difficult, others will excel. By having a tutor you don’t have to sit through extended lessons on a topic you already understand. That leaves more time to cover in depth the topics you want to focus on.

The 60 minute sessions provide an ideal length of time during which you can ask unlimited questions of your tutor and they will be able to clearly explain the areas of study that should have been covered in your class at school in both an easy to understand and in-depth manner. In each session you will be working directly with the tutor, one-on-one.

Given our size, if you are unable to make it to one of your scheduled tuition sessions it will usually be possible for you to swap to another time during the week which fits in with your schedule. This is also the case if you find something comes up during the semester and you are no longer able to make it to your scheduled session; you will be able to move to a different day or time to a session that suits you better.


Anna has been tutoring English (50), Literature (49) and Art (50) at Engage Education sine early 2010 since completing her VCE in 2009 with a final ENTER score of 99.80. She is currently studying the Deans Scholars for Arts Program at Monash University majoring in Visual Cultures and Literature. Aside from study and school work Anna is actively engaged with volunteering and has held various positions with UN Youth Australia. She aspires to one day combine her passion for education and community building with her love of art by working in Arts administration designing and delivering public programs that engage the public with the creative arts

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Richmond, VIC




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