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Alpha Tutoring:
Private VCE Maths, English, French Tutoring Melbourne.
Prices at $29/hour || 0433701264 ||

What ages do you teach?

We teach primary school students, generally from grade 5 upwards. We teach all secondary level students up to year 12 level.

What subjects?

We teach all Maths, English, French, Science and most other
VCE level subjects.

How much do you charge?

1-on-1 tutoring starts from just $29/hour.

Where do you teach?

We have tutors Melbourne wide, although we do not cover every suburb. Please enquire. Our tutors travel to your location, be it a local library or in the comfort of your own home, whatever suits.

We understand you.

For many students school can be a trying, arduous task, and the burden of expectation can be great. The strength of our tutors is that we know first-hand the difficulties of schooling life and our teaching methods are influenced by this knowledge.

What abilities do you cater for?

All abilities. We try to achieve this by putting an emphasis on patience and communication, rather than just technical jargon. This way, whatever level your child is at, our approach to learning means that your child can reach their full potential.


Our Tutors

The primary strength of Alpha is that many of our tutors are students themselves. They succeeded in precisely the same environment that secondary students are currently travelling through today, and our experience in this environment has taught us valuable lessons. Most other tutoring services cannot offer this key advantage.

Our tutors have all completed their schooling with exceptional scores in their respective subjects. Since completing their secondary education, they have continued to enhance and refine their skills in their relevant disciplines at university.

Additionally, as university students our tutors all have flexible hours. This means that appointment times can be changed by the student with only a couple of days notice.

Our tutors travel to you.



All of our tutors are communicative, patient and diligent.
All are passionate about education and genuinely care about their pupils and want to make a difference.
They all achieved relevant scores that placed them in the top 2% in the state.
Most have their working with children's check.
Most are Melbourne University, Monash University students or graduates.

Our 3 levels of tutors
Undergrad Tutors
These tutors will be first and second year university students with limited tutoring experience, but with exceptional scores in their respective disciplines. Understanding, patient and brilliant!

Specialist Tutors
These tutors will be second, third and fourth year university students with at least a year of tutoring experience. Exceptional scores in their respective disciplines as well as good feedback from previous clients. Understanding, patient and brilliant!

Premium Tutors
These are tutors who will usually be postgraduate students or industry professionals. They will have at least 4 years tutoring experience, or 2 years tutoring experience coupled with formal teaching accreditation. They're our very best, most experienced tutors. The best in Melbourne.

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Hourly Rate Specifics

Pricing for Home Private Tutoring in Melbourne
Pricing starts at just $29/hour.

However, pricing does depend on the level of tutor you require (undergrad, specialist or premium) and your specific needs.
We cannot cover every single suburb, although we'll always endeavour to provide assistance!

Please speak to us and we'll confirm a set rate/hour based on your needs.

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Essay Writing

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All SUBURBS Melbourne, VIC





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