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Mitch Darell



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Playing guitar is a combination of a number of different skills and abilities: the
manual dexterity of the right and left hands, the mental knowledge of how music
works, the aural ability to hear the sounds one wants to play and the feelings and
experiences inside the spirit of the player. Fortunately for everyone, all of these
skills can be learned and improved upon.

My job as a guitar teacher is, first and foremost, to introduce these skills to the
student and to set each one on the path to improving and progressing their
musicianship to the highest possible degree. More importantly, I aim to encourage
and develop the individual voice and unique personality within each student in
regards to making music and playing the guitar.

Perhaps most importantly, my goal is to develop relationships, within the context of
teaching and mentoring, and to instill confidence, value and a sense of purpose in
the player's life. Music mirrors life on a small scale and the lessons learned in
playing an instrument develop discipline, determination, a strong work ethic and
provide invaluable wisdom for the road of life.

We can work in various styles such as Rock, Funk, Jazz, Folk, Blues, Country,
Pop, Acoustic, R&B, Metal or specialize in a particular one.
Explore different techniques and approaches (Solo and Rhythm, Playing Chords,
Arpeggios and Sequences, Lead Guitar, Picking techniques, Fingerstyle,
Improvisation, Sight-
Music Theory (Basics, Apply theory to your playing, Composing and Arranging)

I also offer the Unique Guitar Interface Theory method: while common music theory
uses keyboard (piano) interface, a Guitar Player deals with the Fretboard. How to
apply theoretical knowledge to real here-and-now playing? This method provides
you skills of improvising and thinking in a way that a Guitar Player is bound to have!

Great CBD location allows you to save your time for playing guitar instead of
spending it in transport!.


Working with various students showed me how to apply different methods of guitar
teaching based on a particular student's needs and skills.
I am looking forward to leading you into the fantastic and breathtaking world of music!

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Don't believe that a 30-minute lesson can give you enough of experience! I provide
only 1-hour lessons which let you gain the maximum you can!

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Music Theory

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