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Bryce Murphy

Taylors Lakes and Surrounds, VIC


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Hi there! Do you need extra assistance with Maths? I am offering weekly tuition
personalised to your needs to maximise your results and understanding on
mathematical concepts.

For someone who recently graduated with a 96.40 ATAR, I know the rigorous
demands that VCE can have on a young person such as yourself. I can also help you learn basic study habits that will help you for VCE and beyond which are basic life
skills for success.

I have done all three VCE Maths, Further Mathematics 1-4 (Modules: Number
Patterns, Networks and Decision Mathematics, Matrices) Mathematical Methods (CAS)
1-4, Specialist Mathematics 3+4.

I am not only tutoring VCE students, but anyone from Year 7 to VCE. Teaching young
high school students will enable them to set a strong foundation for their later years
preparing them for VCE and beyond.


Do you want to learn piano like the likes of Dami Im and Delta Goodrem?

I can teach you the basic fundamentals of piano to help you develop a strong
technique. I have a high level of patience so we can learn at your pace.

Once you have the basics, I can also teach you basic composition or improvisation if
you want to create your own melodies.

If you are looking at this ad, you are clearly interested in learning piano or maths,
don’t delay, contact me as soon as possible to get started.


-Tutored students after school with mathematical concepts they struggled with to help
them comprehend and break it down for them so they become more confident with their
abilities with mathematics.
-Tutored siblings
-Classroom tutoring of students with mathematical concepts.


Currently in progress:
-8th Grade AMEB Piano
-Bachelor of Science (University of Melbourne)

Completion of VCE with an ATAR score of 96.40

-English 1-4
-Further Mathematics 1-4
-Mathematical Methods (CAS) 1-4
-Specialist Mathematics 3+4
-Physics 1-4
-Japanese (SL) 1-4

-3rd Grade AMEB Theory (99/100)

Years Tutoring


Basic Min.


Hourly Rate Specifics

$20 per hour (Maths)
$15 per Half Hour (Piano)



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Music Theory

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Taylors Lakes and Surrounds, VIC




0448 062 655

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10 Feb 2014 1:36 PM

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