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Maribyrnong plus all Melbourne and Victoria, VIC


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In order to make my tutoring accessible for all students in Victoria and affordable for all family budgets, I can offer several different tutorial choices.

BETTER HOME TUITION is unlimited tutorial at your home at anytime and anywhere in Victoria, specialised for Maths year 9, year 10, Mathematical Methods 1, 2, 3&4 and Specialist Maths.

Whether you are struggling to stay in the subject or aiming a perfect score, this tutorial is an excellent opportunity not only to achieve your aim but also to further develop your ability to go much beyond your desired result.

With Better Home Tuition you can have your tutorial lessons at any time (suit to you) and for as many hours as you need and you will pay only about 30% of the cost of an average tutor hourly rate.

With Better Home Tuition you will have opportunity to learn from lessons of a tutor with over 35 years of tutoring experience with an outstanding tutoring success with thousands of students, tutor who helped to hundreds of other tutors and teachers.

With Better Home Tuition you will get free homework help and study notes for each lesson.

With Better Home Tuition you shouldn’t be worried and stressed for your school tests and exams as you will be prepared for your tests and exams with each tutorial lesson, because this is concept based and exam oriented tutorial fully compatible to school curriculum.

While you are learning new topics and concepts of the subject you will also learn effective techniques for independent learning. You will also develop self motivation and you will discover that studying can be a source of great satisfaction and enjoyment.

We don’t just teach students, we are actually working together with students on whatever they need to ensure their success.

ON LINE TUITION is ever popular tuition method on webcam with full interaction with tutor (audio and visual). Tutor is using whiteboard while students work in their notebook and they can see each other and communicate at any time.

TUTORING AT THE CENTRE. Small groups (up to 5 students) and individual sessions.

HOME TUTORING. Qualified and experiencing tutors come to students home. Tutoring time is arranged between tutor and student.

STUDY MATERIAL. Quality Maths Tutorial Books and video lessons can be purchased on our web site

OUR RECOMENDATION If you are looking for tutoring in Maths for year 9, 10 or Mathematical Methods 1, 2, 3&4 or Specialist Maths then choose Better Home Tuition as this tutoring method will give you all positive aspects of tutoring and it has all advantages in comparison with other tutoring methods.


I have about 30 years experience in tutoring Mathematics and Chemistry. I am also, managing a team of professional tutors for all High school subjects as well Primary School and Maths and Chemistry for University level.

My tutoring enthusiasm, extraordinary skills in explaining content of the subject together with development of students’ motivation and effective study techniques are key elements of my success in tutoring.


I am holding Masters Degree in Science and other tutors are qualified professionals holding PhD or Masters degrees, VIT registered teachers, graduates and undergraduates with excellent academic achievements in their field.

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ON LINE TUTORING $40/h for individual lesson $30/h for group lesson

TUTORING AT THE CENTRE $50/h for individual lesson, $40/h for group lesson


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Maribyrnong plus all Melbourne and Victoria, VIC





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