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Denita Utami

Carlton, VIC


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My name is Denita Biyanda Utami. I am a first year student in Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Science in the University of Melbourne. I am currently doing a double degree program in the University of Melbourne and Universitas Indonesia (University of Indonesia). I am a fluent speaker in English and bahasa Indonesia. I am a confident and hard-working person and I have experience in teaching English to kids
in rural area back in Indonesia. I come from a family of teachers and lecturers and I have been exposed to teaching and lecturing job since I was little. I enjoy teaching, or I usually refer it as "sharing", because I love the feeling when someone understands something that I have taught or shared before. By teaching, I am also able to enrich my knowledge, therefore I'd like to call it "sharing" so that the student will feel no
pressure at all and they can obtain and comprehend the new knowledge that they have been given.

Indonesian Language or Bahasa Indonesia is my native language and I was educated in Indonesian private schools. One of my favorite subjects was Indonesian and I always obtained a satisfactory score during my time in school. I am also fascinated with Indonesian culture as I have been selected to become a representative of Indonesia in a cultural mission in USA last year. I was also selected as the semifinalist of Miss and Mister Batik, in which I have to promote batik as the national heritage of Indonesia. Therefore, I am confident in teaching Indonesian to all levels.

I also take Science major during high school and I went to medical school afterwards. Biology was the main part of my study and during my time in medical school, I usually share my knowledge to a group of friends. I always love studying about human. Therefore, I am also confident in teaching biology and microbiology

It is best to give the materials beforehand

I am available during weekdays with appointment.

Denita :)


Tutoring Indonesian language in Melbourne
English teacher assistant in a rural area in Jakarta, Indonesia (2013)


Advanced Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Science, the University of Melbourne (2013 - present)

Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia (University of Indonesia) (2010 - present; currently taking double degree in the University of Melbourne)
GPA: 3.2

Satisfactory score (A) in Indonesian language - Junior and High School Diploma (2007 and 2010)

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