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Annabel Robinson

Armadale, Toorak, South Yarra, Malvern, Caufield, Camberwell, Hawksburn, VIC


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Can tutor IB Visual Arts (the subject I did), VCE Textiles, and VCE Visual
Communication and Design.

I can offer my own creativity in physically helping students with their artwork and
coming up with ideas for their artwork; choosing themes, ideas, mediums etc.

I have worked with paint, photography, textiles, pastel, installations, collage and

Though I did solely IB Visual Arts in year 11 and 12 I do a lot of fashion design and
sewing in my own time and incorporated this into my Visual Arts folio. I can apply this
to help a Textiles student - I have also been accepted into RMIT's Fashion Design
(Honours) course for 2015 (I am deferring this year). I also have a strong interest in
graphic design and design and sell greeting cards. I also did a bit of graphic design for
my school, I can use these skills to help any VCD student also - I was also accepted into
Graphic Design at Monash but decided to go with fashion.

If you look at my website I have posted pictures of my artwork and folio and of course
can bring my work to tutoring sessions to help the students - I am more than happy to
do group tutoring sessions also. I also have materials they may be interested in using.

Because I am so recently out of school and out of the IB course I know what the criteria
is and what the examiners are looking for. [edit]


No prior experience, I have just graduated from high school

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less than 1 year

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Armadale, Toorak, South Yarra, Malvern, Caufield, Camberwell, Hawksburn, VIC





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12 Mar 2014 10:58 AM

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