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Jessica Joan Graham

Doncaster, VIC


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* Current availability for weekly lessons:

Mondays between 3:30pm-7:30pm
Tuesdays at 4:45pm

If you would like to join the waiting list for timeslots, or would like to be contacted when one-off lesson times arise each week, please email me. Lessons are also available during the school day. I encourage daytime lessons for senior students with free periods. *

I am an English & Performing Arts teacher with many years of experience teaching in the secondary school classroom and as a private tutor.

Alongside mainstream English subjects, I am also a passionate teacher of English Language and Literature subjects up to and beyond VCE level.

I have tutored students of all ages, from their first efforts to read aloud, to tackling their first essay, through to their final VCE Exams.

I am also experienced in VCAA assessment, in VCE English, English Language, Literature, Drama and Theatre Studies.

I am VIT registered, and a member of the Australian Tutoring Association as an accredited teacher, ensuring students get the highest quality educational experiences and support.

Tutorials take place at my home near Elgar Rd in Doncaster, just off the Eastern Freeway.

Existing students can purchase extra marking time between sessions at $25/30mins for emailed work.

My passion is to help individuals uncover their creative potential in writing, public speaking, and musical and theatrical performance. My students learn the structures
required by the task at hand, and then extend their own personal voice to make the text their own.

My finely-honed and flexible approach includes thousands of resources to aid each individual student, whether newly tackling a task or looking for extra engagement, to build their skills beyond their current level.

I offer structured lessons designed to allow students to gain knowledge and practise skills, including those required for scholarship and select entry tests.

ESSAY WRITING: Constructing essays and exploring topics in detail does not come naturally to everyone. To aid students who wish to improve their skills, I have constructed a step-by-step course which targets all aspects of essay writing, from nailing the basic structure through to advancing current vocabulary control and exploring ideas deeply.

Academic students are encouraged to bring their current school work to the initial sessions. Afterward, targeted and customised worksheets and notes will be provided to
extend learning. Homework is designed to feed back into their existing curriculum, not necessarily add extra time to their existing workload.


2007 - 2015: Classroom teacher of English, Literature, English Language and Drama at
Koonung Secondary College.

2007 - 2010: Tutor for Monash University Enhancement Program - Media &

2006 - 2014: Private Drama coach for VCE Drama students approaching the Solo
Performance Exam.

2006 - 2014: English workshops for secondary students, including homework
assistance, essay skills, public speaking skills and creative writing.


Bachelor of Performing Arts (Monash University)
Dip.Ed. (University of Melbourne)
Victorian Institute of Teaching Registered
Founder and Leading Teacher of JJG Private Tutoring

Years Tutoring


Basic Min.


Hourly Rate Specifics

Kindergarten to Year 9:
One-on-one session - $80/hr Weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings.
Group sessions - $50/hr/student

Year 10 to VCE:
One-on-one session - $100/hr Weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings.
Group sessions - $75/hr/student

After-hours, one-on-one session - $150/hr Saturday afternoons and Sundays.



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Essay Writing
Theatre Studies


Drama and Dance
Essay Writing


Music Theory


English / ESL

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One-on-One Tutoring
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Doncaster, VIC





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