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Skills Beyond School by Britt Cunningham

Ringwood, VIC


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With an ATAR of 93.9, and a Bachelor of Design from RMIT University, I am
experienced in the demands of successfully completing Year 11 and 12, and Higher

I focus my tutoring services on English, ESL and Visual Arts folio support. My aim is
to assist students with subjects they may find particularly challenging, or guide those
students who wish to hone their skills in these areas. I will support students in
gaining confidence and developing practical skills, which will translate to proven results. I
am friendly, reliable and relatable given my age (24).

With over a year's experience tutoring VCE students, I am continually inspired by the
improved results from my students. Their growth in not only scores, but self-confidence
motivates me to continually challenge and encourage my students.

I understand that tutoring can be quite confronting for some students, so I focus on a
relaxed approach that allows them to discover capabilities they may not believe they
It is important to me that students feel comfortable during their sessions, and know
that we are working towards a common goal of them uncovering abilities that as yet may
be undiscovered. I believe this increases students' confidence in both the subject and
themselves. My greatest passion lies in seeing students gaining assurance in themselves,
and discovering that actually, yes, they can do it!

I work with students on setting goals that are important to them. We then move
towards those goals through manageable tasks and steps. I also focus on organisational
and study skills in order to enhance private study time. These are skills that I believe
reach beyond Year 12, and I am passionate about setting students up with a toolbox of
skills they can take forward into their lives. To me, it is important that my students realise
that what they are learning goes far beyond one score at the end of high school. These are
tools they will use for the rest of their lives.

English, ESL & English Literature-

For those in VCE or IB, English is a core requirement that must be completed to
achieve an ATAR, placing pressure on students who do not find that the subject comes as
a natural skill to them. This is where I can assist. I achieved a 6 out of 7 in IB Higher Level
English Literature, and am passionate about the subject. I aim to spark that passion in my
students studying English, and guide them towards outcomes they can be proud of.

For those seeking to gain a better grasp of the English language as a non-native
speaker, my focus is on gradually increasing knowledge of the written, read and spoken
word. Our aims will be to improve academic results, but to me, more important is
increasing the ease of every day life, making conversations and interactions easier.

Folio Support for Visual Arts-
Achieving full marks in my IB Arts subjects, as well as obtaining a design degree, I
understand well the rigours of presenting a successful folio. Many year 11 and 12
Arts students produce fantastic work, which unfortunately is not supported by their folios.
I will assist students in ensuring their folios are thorough, meet criteria and present their
work in the best light.

I will provide students with small set tasks for them to complete between sessions,
with the aim of working towards achievable goals. These tasks will support them in
succeeding in their objectives, and ensuring work is consistently improved upon.

I will primarily be operating in Ringwood East and Ringwood, offering one on one
sessions. [edit]


Over 1 year experience working with VCE English students, in one on one sessions.

Management/Staff Trainer position in an international retail company, focusing on improving staff knowledge, communication and overcoming challenges.


- ATAR of 93.9

- Bachelor of Interior Design from RMIT University.

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Art and Graphics
Essay Writing
Visual Arts

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Ringwood, VIC




0452 486 417

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