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VCE 3/4 Maths Methods - Accelerated Exam Preparation

Accelerate your preparation for the VCE Units 3/4 Maths Methods exam and maximise your results with C2 Academy's Accelerated Exam-Ready Program.

This 12-week program is run by experienced tutors who know the tips and tricks you need to ensure you are ready to take on the Maths Methods exam this November!

Our classes are designed to FOCUS on exam preparation and we use our experience in tutoring and mentoring to ensure that you are able to do your best.

*Location: 168 Haughton Road, Oakleigh 3166. Opposite Huntingdale Station.

*Class Details: Each weekly class is 2 hours in length and is a combination of content-learning and exam preparation. Every class is designed to prepare you to answer EXAM-STYLE QUESTIONS from each topic. Our 12-week Accelerated Exam-Ready Program classes begin the week of 29 July 2019.

*Class Times: We have a range of weekly class times available during Monday evenings, Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings, Friday evenings (awaiting expressions of interest) and Sunday mornings and afternoons.

*Online Support: Our experienced tutors are available to answer questions via email throughout the week, so there's no waiting for the next class to ask questions!

*Cost: Register and pay for the full 12-week program by the first class and you will receive one FREE CLASS plus one FREE THREE-HOUR EXAM MASTERCLASS. Our Accelerated Exam-Ready Program classes are $60 for a two hour class - that's only $30 per hour for intensive, accelerated exam preparation that will get you on track to maximise your Maths Methods score!

Have questions? Please feel free to give us a call on 0449 004 538 or email us as


I have been tutoring since completing VCE in 2016 at a top select-entry high school. I have taught a range of year levels mostly within the high school years.

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