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Miss Amy Leong

Glen Waverley, VIC


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Having recently graduated from the top high school (Mac.Robertson Girls High School) in the state, I understand the struggles facing students in VCE and in addition to tutoring, will aim to mentor your child through difficult periods and maintain balance in their lives. Over the course of the last six years I have tutored a vast number of students in English Language, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods and History: Revolutions. Every student comes to me at a different level and with different goals, and it is ultimately my aim with tutoring to help them achieve the results they want. I have had students achieve study scores over 40, but more importantly I have helped many to achieve or exceed their goals.

In 2017 I will have limited time as I will be working full time, and as such will only be tutoring year 12 English Language (not mainstream English). I teach group sessions as I believe students benefit greatly from this method of teaching due to the course structure of English Language however one-on-one tutoring is available as a supplement.

Student testimonial:
‘I was so happy to find a tutor that taught the content to such a high standard, provided detailed notes and allowed me to practice writing. You were extremely patient with me and understood I took longer to grasp things than other students. You were such a dedicated tutor that you never hesitated to repeat things or explain them another way until I got it. You have given me the confidence to go into University next year, knowing I can properly write an essay. You went above and beyond your duties as a tutor and helped guide me through my VCE journey. You understood how hard year 12 was, having faced the difficulties yourself, and was able to share that wisdom with me.’

Please email me at for more information about my services.

I graduated from Mac.Robertson Girls High School in 2010, studying 3/4 Psychology (41) and VET Hospitality (44) in 2009, and Chemistry (42), Mathematical Methods (42), English Language (44) and History: Revolutions (44) in 2010, achieving an ATAR of 98.9 and a UMAT rank of 97 percentile.

I completed my Bachelor of Health Sciences/Masters of Physiotherapy Practice double degree at La Trobe University in 2014 and am currently working as a physiotherapist.


I have been tutoring VCE students for the past 6 years and have worked with a wide range of students who have varying goals.
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