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Mr Grant Vandervalk

Gladstone Park, VIC


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12 yrs exp teaching / tutoring VCE Maths, Physics, English, and Biz Man, with warm and friendly approach tailored to students' needs. Don't take my word for it, I can provide you with a link to several student testimonies.

You will see that the last couple of years of tutoring has especially
successful. In 2013 I am looking to do it full-time again, so book
early for to get the time/s that suit you best. See the student reviews below for some testimonies.

Feel free to email OR SMS me so we can find a time that suits us
both. Currently (as of 13 March 2013), my availability is:

Mon before 5pm or between 6:30-10pm
Tue before 10pm
Wed before 7pm
Thu before 4pm or between 7:30-10pm
Fri before 10pm
Saturday - 10am-10pm
Sun only between 1-5pm for once off / emergency sessions only

Regarding past students I have worked with, I recently helped one
client pass his PSO Entrance Exam on the first try! Before that, one
who often received Cs or even worse in year 11 who I saw regularly
for 3 hours every week to help with English, Maths Methods, Further
Maths, Physics and Business Management received study scores of
over 30 in all his subjects - and told me he received the ATAR he
needed for Engineering.

Another received 29/50 and 24/50 in Physics and Methods, and an
ATAR of over 75. Finally, one year 11 student I helped a great deal
with his English oral SAC received 95%, and then 26 in 3/4
methods (not bad for a year 11)!

A little about myself, I always had in my teachers strong male role
models, and would be happy to mentor you(r child) in education as
well as study and other life skills. Due to my great love of school, I
always wanted to be a teacher and did very well - graduating with a
VCE ENTER (ATAR) score of 97.35 in 1999. After a gap year in
northern Europe, I attended a few different schools of further
education (see below).

I like to work closely with schools to quickly discern the areas that
need the most work, rather than giving too much extra work that
might not even be relevant to their needs. I am great at helping
with current homework and preparing for upcoming SACs/exams,
and can even re-teach study areas that are identified as real

Lesson structure really depends on what sort of help you need. I am
able to provide worksheets, notes and past exam papers as
necessary, or we can simply work from the material teachers have
already given out (what most students prefer). I will also consider
providing extra help over the phone or Internet for my regular

Please use EMAIL or SMS (0429 505 247) as the first point of
contact so I can call you back to arrange an obligation-free interview
to discuss education needs. PLEASE, DO NOT CALL my mobile (I
could be at work, driving or in a lesson), keeping in mind I may need
some time to prepare for the first lesson, especially for English
depending on which text you're using.

On the current VCE English/ESL text list, I am most familiar with the
following texts:
Peter Goldsworthy's "Maestro," Louis Nowra's "Cosi," Arthur Miller's
"The Crucible," Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," Bruce Dawe's
"Sometimes Gladness," Peter Weir's film "Witness," Sarah Watt's film
"Look Both Ways," Elia Kazan's film "On the Waterfront," Tennessee
Williams's "A Streetcar Named Desire". If you are studying other
(con)texts you will probably have to give me five working days notice
unless your happy with general essay writing tips for your first
English lesson.


Since I first started tutoring while at the University of Melbourne, I have tutored VCE and IB Chemistry, as well as VCE English/ESL, Maths Methods, Further Maths, Spec Maths, Physics and Business Management

While Head of Secondary at NTCU (see below), I was also teaching:
2008-9 VCE English
2008-9 VCE ESL
2007-9 VELS (Years 7-10) mathematics
2006-7 VCE Business Management
2006 VCE Accounting


After majoring in Media at Melbourne University (where I also studied Maths and Physics), I went on to NTM Bible College, and then achieved a Basic Teaching Certificate at Neil Thomas Christian University in Vanuatu, where I taught (in their Secondary School) for 3.5 years.

Years Tutoring


Basic Min.


Hourly Rate Specifics


First lesson is $30 (40% off) if you mention SeekATutor.

$50/hr is the base rate...

Up to 50% discount per person available for group tuition (by arrangement)

Up to 20% discount available for individuals with prepaid blocks of lessons (see above under Student Discounts) or in Airport Ward area#

A Travel Fee of about 20c/km may apply for each round trip more than 25km from our home+ (e.g. for Doncaster, base rate $50/hr, + $10 per visit to cover fuel both ways). NOTE: CityLink Pass fee ($10) or $5 MYKI Pass fee may also apply for Melbourne CBD or Eastern Suburbs.

The best way to avoid this fee is to meet me at the Hume Global Learning Centre ( - directly opposite Broadmeadows Town Centre / railway station (on Craigieburn line), accessible by 477, 484, 500, 532, 541, 542, 544, 560 and 902 bus routes. When the library is closed, such as Friday evenings and Saturday afternoon, lessons might be run in my home +

# Airport Ward includes Gladstone Park, Tullamarine, Keilor, Westmeadows, Attwood and Jacana. Southern parts of Aitken, West Merri or NE Brimbank might also carry a small discount, otherwise prepurchasing lessons with others would be the cheapest option (see above under Student Discount)!

+ see Melway Map 6 C8, which is walking distance from the 477 and 902 bus lines



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Gladstone Park, VIC





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